About us

We are a team of experienced travellers, searching the web for best travel deals available, thus serving as a bridge between travel promotions from different Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and airlines and average travellers, who do not have time to constantly monitor prices online. We started in 2012 as one of the first flight deals web pages in Europe and are now bringing our experience and knowledge to Australian travellers. In 2014 we developed an application that enables us to follow the prices of several thousands different flights combinations between different cities, so we can find the best prices available, including those, that are not officially promoted. We are NOT A TRAVEL AGENCY so we don’t sell any airline tickets or other services, but we have affiliate agreements with most major, well known global metasearches, OTAs and airlines, so when you book those deals on their webpages through links on our website, we get a small commission, however for you as their customer nothing changes. Examples of companies that we affiliate with are well known global providers such as Skyscanner (world’s largest airline ticket metasearch engine), Expedia (world’s largest OTA) and Booking.com (world’s largest hotel booking website), as well as most of the major airlines.

How does it work?

When we find a great deal on airline tickets or other travel arrangements we publish it on webpage Flyaer.com and Facebook page Facebook.com/FlyaerAustralia with direct links to OTA’s/Airlines, where you can make the purchase. It is only there, on the OTA or airline website, that you enter your personal information and buy airline tickets / accommodation / car rentals. Since the whole booking process happens between you and the OTA or airline, any issues you might face during the booking process or later should be resolved between you as the customer and the OTA or airline.

When I click on your link, the price displayed on agency’s/airliner website is higher than the one you have published!

We are taking great care that the price is correct at the time of publishing the article, however, travel industry is extremely dynamic and sometimes fares change in a matter of minutes. Understandably, it is impossible for us to constantly monitor those changes and adjust the prices accordingly. If you are flexible, you can first try and find lower prices by slightly adjusting the dates of travel on the airline’s/OTA’s/hotels website. If unsuccessful, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to find the appropriate deal for you.

“Error fare”

As the airline ticketing system is very complex, we are sometimes able to find a special deal that results in significantly lower ticket price than it is usual on that route.. This is in airline jargon called an “error fare” and it’s completely legal. However, such deals often last for only a few hours and airlines or OTAs can sometimes decide at a later date (usually in a day or two) that they will not honor the tickets. Should the airline or OTA decide to cancel the booking, you will be reimbursed for the whole paid amount from them.
Our advice is that when you manage to buy those tickets and you receive an email with the e-ticket, you should refrain from making other trip related bookings for at least two weeks. In this time, it usually becomes clear whether or not the tickets will be honored. We had personally used “error fares” on many occasions without any problem but a general caution is nevertheless advised.
If you do not want to take the risk of tickets being cancelled, we recommend you to skip error fares and find instead a regular deal on our page.

This article is going to be updated with other FAQ through time.

The Flyaer AU team does not hold responsibility for any difficulties with our readers’ bookings.